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COHORT 2019-2021: Academic-related Visits

Academic-related Visits

PETaL EMJMD programme organizes some academic-related visits throughout each cohort. The following are some of the most outstanding activities of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Event: Visit to ‛Los Peques’ Early Childhood Education school

Date: from 4th October 2019

Number of students enrolled: 24

The students were invited to visit ‛Los Peques’ Early Childhood Education school, which is located in the city of Córdoba. They were kindly welcomed and guided around the nursery school facilities and classrooms by the Director, and they also interacted with the children and did an activity with them in English. They experienced the different teaching methods and resources used by the teachers and the English language assistant and the students were offered to apply for an internship at this school during their stay in Córdoba.

Event: Visit to the Early Childhood & Primary Education School ‛Sagrado Corazón’

Date: from 18th October 2019

Number of students enrolled: 24

The students had the opportunity to visit one of the most renowned bilingual schools at Córdoba ‛Las Esclavas’. The Director and the Head of Studies offered the PETaL students a guided tour around the school in the Early Childhood Education classrooms and they could explore and experience first-hand teaching methods and classroom practices. At the end of our visit, some of the teachers answered their questions and concerns about the Spanish Education System, the most successful methodologies for Bilingual Education, how to deal with children with special needs at schools, etc. Furthermore, the Director offered the students the possibility to do an internship in order to assist with the English language at the school during their stay in Córdoba.