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COHORT 2019-2021: Extracurricular Academic Activities

Extracurricular Academic Activities

PETaL EMJMD programme organizes a large number of extracurricular academic activities throughout each cohort. The following are some of the most outstanding activities of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Course: Spanish language intensive course at UCOidiomas (official Language Centre at the University of Córdoba, UCO)

Date: from 16th September to 1stOctober 2019

Number of students enrolled: 15

UCOidiomas (UCO Language Centre) has been in charge of delivering a two-week Spanish language course at the beginning of PETaL students’ semester in Córdoba. This has been an excellent opportunity to have a deeper and faster immersion in the Spanish language, culture and society with excellent results.

Event: European Researchers' Night

Date: from 27th September 2019

Number of students enrolled: 15

The PETaL students were invited to participate in the European Researchers’ Night, specifically to the event organised by the Research Group HUM-1006 entitled ‛Investigación en Educación Bilingüe e Intercultural’ – EBeI (Research on Bilingual and Intercultural Education) where they presented their outstanding results from the research projects they are currently working on, thus giving every citizen —and our international students— the opportunity to actively participate in science.

Course: language courses at UCOidiomas

Date: from 22nd October 2019 to 14th February 2020

Number of students enrolled: 11

The UCOidiomas Language Centre offered our students the possibility to enrol in a language course of their choice in exchange for their collaboration as assistants (preferably in their mother tongues: Russian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Chinese, etc.). Therefore, they can either learn from scratch a new language or keep on improving the language they have been practising in previous years. The most popular languages have been the following: Spanish, German, Arabic, French and Portuguese.

Course: assistants in the language courses offered by UCOidiomas

Date: from November 2019 to February 2020

Number of students enrolled: 11

As this first cohort of PETaL students come from more than 20 different countries around the world, it is an unique and excellent opportunity to get them involved in the variety of language courses that are offered by the Language Centre every academic year. This way they can collaborate by assisting as native speakers in the classroom together with the regular language teacher.

Training session for the iPlay School of Music and Languages

Date: 20th September 2019

Number of students enrolled: 5

Apart from their regular courses within the PETaL programme, the students benefited from a training session delivered by Ernesto Briceño (a great Venezuelan violinist and a classroom teacher at the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona) intended to prepare them for teaching at the School of Music in Córdoba. The aim of this session was to provide the students with the tools and musical training to be prepared to become part of this initiative. The iPlay School of Music and Languages is an innovative educational project that aims to offer music classes and second languages free of charge to Primary Education students through an innovative and inclusive methodology.

Workshop by UCOidiomas - European Day of Languages

Date: 16th September 2019

Andrea Bergin, a native USA teacher of English for UCOidiomas, delivered a workshop for PETaL students to celebrate the European day of languages.