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Official Announcements

PETaL EMJMD - Official Announcements

This section of the website contains documents which PETaL EMJMD is obliged to publish.

When information cannot be obtained directly from the website, copies can be obtained on request from the PETaL EMJMD Secretariat. An administration fee may be charged. For more information or requests, please contact us via Inquiry Form.


Date of publication: 11/02/2020 - 16:38h GMT+1

Students applying for PETaL EMJMD cohort must apply online through the Application Process section of this website. Please, read carefully the information from the sections Criteria and requirements and Application dates.
PETaL EMJMD Assessment Committee will only accept the following documents:
  1. Degree Diploma duly legalized through The Hague Convention Apostille.
  2. Transcript of Records duly legalized through The Hague Convention Apostille.
  3. A certificate of the University stating that the student’s Degree gives access to Postgraduate Studies. We provide a template below that you might use (if your University does not have one).

ANY certificate will be valid if (and only if):

  • It takes the official seal and signature of the University.
  • It states explicitly that the specific Degree GIVES ACCESS TO POSTGRADUATE STUDIES.
Questions related to submissions will be answered ONLY when the information required cannot be found at PETaL EMJMD website. Questions such as: "What is the deadline? What is the procedure? What documents should I submit?" will be disregarded.