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PETaL EMJMD - Play, Education, Toys & Languages

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about mobility to PETaL EMJMD students

PETaL EMJMD first semester, entitled ‘General Introduction’, will be delivered at the Universidad de Córdoba (Spain). Its main goal is to provide students with the fundamentals of the four areas of expertise included in this EMJMD (that is, the psychology of children play; ECE; IE; and ESLA).

PETaL second semester courses will be delivered at the Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (Portugal) that will complement and enrich students’ knowledge about the role of play and toys for learning in ECE in different cultures.

Third semester courses are offered by Marmara University (Turkey), highly specialized in the Sociology of play and children.

The fourth semester will be devoted to the planning and writing of the Master’s Thesis (30 ECTS), which can take place at any of the three participant Universities in collaboration with the associated partners. A wide range of possible topics is available for MT projects carefully designed to ensure relevant skills and subject training. The list of topics offered will be yearly updated.

& Key Dates

Information about when terms start and end and Key Dates for PETaL EMJMD students.

& Facilities

A wide range of well located accomodations close to transport links and campus facilities.


This information does not replace a consultation with the competent Consular Post.


All the Erasmus Mundus students will have health and accident insurance coverage.



Education through the medium of two or more languages, including bilingual education, CLIL and forms of immersion, has been implemented in many countries for several years now. Internationally, it continues to attract the attention of policy-makers, schools (…).

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