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PETaL EMJMD - Play, Education, Toys & Languages

Early Childhood Education

PETaL EMJMD offers a unique master program focused on the following academic subjects for early childhood education: play, toys, intercultural education, early second language acquisition and childhood pedagogy. The combination of these areas is a real innovation for ECE, so PETaL EMJMD is specifically and purposefully designed to promote connections between the strands, as this is the first time that these are embedded in a single program. Moreover, many of the PETaL modules will be taught jointly by partners and associates with the result that students will be given a unique and innovative European and global perspective on play, toys, culture and linguistic skills in early childhood education. This international programme has been specifically designed to foster the development of high quality practices for early childhood education both across Europe and internationally.

PETaL can challenge the international community by offering a new MA of key expertise areas which have not been joined up to the moment. PETaL EMJMD is an innovative consortium based on the complementarity of the programme country universities in terms of research and expertise that permeates the delivery of the programme, as well as on the cultural richness of partner institutions (both universities and non-universities across the world) to provide our Master’s students with the necessary opportunities to experience the most diverse ways to approach early childhood education (ECE).

Identify the three fundamental pillars of PETaL EMJMD

Here you see can find some information to understand the relevance of the this three fundamental pillars on PETaL EMJMD is based

  • ECE
  • P&T
  • ESLA
  • IE

ECE: Early Childhood Education

P&T: Play & Toys

ESLA: Early Second Language Acquisition

IE: Intercultural Education